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japonica market and Super Lovers

I wanted to buy a lucky pack from Super Lovers since long ago, but somehow I never did it.

Some time ago I've found it by chance on yahoo auctions jp and decided to buy it :)
As a shopping service I used japonica market http://japonicamarket.com/ They also had 50% discount for service fee so I also saved some money ^^

I must say, that I'm 100% satisfied with JM service!
First of all they've explained everything very clearly on their web site, so you don't have to ask them many questions to find out what you need to know. It's easy to calculate quite accurate cost of your future order by yourself. Jm offers shopping service to buy from many Japanese websites, not only from yahoo auctions.
They contact you very quickly and inform you about everything asap. I got an email almost everyday with info about my order :) I paid 400yen fee, 2000yen for clothes(lucky! ;>), about 600yen for domestic shipping and about 2700yen for international registered airmail. 5740yen(about 77$) alltogether.
Finally I got an email with tracking number and I had to wait patiently until my order arrived.
I got the parcel after about a week. Clothes were wrapped in a plastic bag and packed in a carton box.
(In the picture it's already opened, because I just couldn't wait to see the inside ^^")

About the clothes and my thoughts about Super Lovers:

The auction was for 3 items from SL lucky bag and some bonus items; a fan and 2 huge badges from SL and 2 t-shirts from other brands. All items are perfect!

bonus items:

The quality of Super Lover clothes is awesome. Fabrics are soft, prints are well made.
Last time I posted about a cutsew from Listen Flavor and Super Lovers clothes made much better impression on me, although they were used :)

In general:

japonica market:

service fee: a bit high, when it's not discounted
shipping time:5/5

Super Lovers:

fabric quality: 5/5
print quality: 5/5
overall: I'm super satisfied! :)

I hope, that my review was helpful :)
Just recently I bought this cutsew from Listen Flavor via CDjapan

Firstly, I want to write about CDjapan.
The buying process is very simple, you just have to add items to cart, choose shipping and check out :)
I chose shipping with air mail without tracking. The cost was 750 yen.
Cutsew costed 2500yen and with 300 redeem points I paid 2950yen(37$) all togetger.
Processing time took few days, but it wasn't long.
I was informed about sending out the parcel as soon as they did it.
After few days (not even a week) my order arrived!
It was packed in a box and the cutsew was wrapped in plastic bag.



Cdjapan is a professional company and I can recommend it to everyone! I also got some extra points for my order and for filling the questionnaire ^^

In general:

shipping time:5/5

Now Listen Flavor.
My pictures of the item:
The colour isn't that bright, but it's a bit brighter than on the stock picture.
Actually, I'm not that satisfied with it, I was a bit disappointed about the quality.
The print isn't well made, it's "thin" and the material can be seen through it.
I think it'll be hard to wash the cutsew without disturbing the print.

The fabric is very good quality though, but still, I feel disappointed.

In general:
fabric quality: very good
print quality: low
price:2900yen, but I bought it on sale for 2500yen
overall: a bit disappointing, but still cool ^^"

I hope that my opinion could help you :)

Visual kei/punk/gothic wishlist

I'm selling a lot of lolita stuff here http://egl-comm-sales.livejournal.com/19230912.html
Things and brands I can trade for:

Super Lovers:

SL Lucky Pack

Sex Pot revenge:

Listen Flavor:

And others in similar style!
Things must fit b.83cm-w.67cm comfortably.


On Saturday (21.04.2012) There was D's live show in Kraków.
Well, I must say, that I was really astonished!
I liked this band before, but after that show I love them!
Asagi's voice is amazing and they all did their best.

The concert took place in "Rotunda". I was lucky, because I live only 15min away xD
This is my outfit from that day:

I went there with my sister and we got there about 11.
I was a bit surprised, because there were only 20 people or so, while usually there are already so many people at this hour!
Then it started raining >< Somehow D brings bad weather, because last year there was a storm xD
When the gate was open there were already quite many people fighting for the best place (as always).
It was a paifull time, but I managed to get to the first row! And I don't regret it at all!

Before the concert started there was Q & A.
Here're the questions and answers in Polish:
And here the record (eng & jp)

Then they took a photo together, but the quality is really bad :(

Anyway, we really had fun! As an answer to the question about their looks the members presented themselves to us and it made the whole croud scream for more :D This is how they looked:

And then the show started!
What can I say? This was one of the best concerts I've been on!
They sung many of my favourite songs, and L'Oiseau Bleu was so beautiful!
Everyone was quiet 'til the last note. And even the bodyguard was astonished, not only because of the song, but mostly because of the fans attitude to the band.

During the show I was able to touch all members, especially Ruiza as he was standing right in front of me :)
And then suddenly it was over :(
But somehow I feel it ended in the best moment it could and this made everything even more perfect.

Then I bought a tank top (size L xD ) and a bag from the tour and happily went home :)

I'm looking foreward for their next tour! I'm sure, that they'll come back to Poland, because they seemed to be very moved and happy!

So just to end this long entry, my outfit from today ;)

Have a nice evening!


Kawaiigoods review

I thought of writing review of my kawaiigoods order, which I got few days ago.
Hopefully it can be helpful ^^

On 6th March I ordered:
~Decora-chan Lucky pack (8$)
~some badges(total 4$)
~Fuzzy Cross (black) (6$)

Shipping cost to Poland: 6.95$

Total: 24.95$
I got a message confirming my order.

Order was sent 6 days later and again I got a message about it with custom number(you have to pay more for tracking and insurance).

One week later I got my package! I couldn't wait and opened it without making pictures, which could show you, how everything was packed >< I got my order in an envelope and inside there was a lucky pack and rest of my order in separate bags. Badges were wrapped in bubble pack.
Everything is of great quality! I made pictures of everything except of the fuzzy cross (somehow I couldn't take a good photo).

Badges(they are huge!):

Lucky Pack:

Inside I've found tons of cute stuff!

Rings in a heart box:

These are my favourite! Especially HK ring. Hello Kitty on a cute pegasus with a blue star attached to it!
The cutest thing ever!

Plush 2-way ice-cream. You can use it as a hair accessory or as a brooch.

Lovely and totally worth the money! Only 8$ and you get soo many things! So don't hesitate and get yourself some kawaiigoods stuff :) A very pleasant experience and it's hard to find an online shop, which is so reliable! Best quality and good prices.
I'm sure I'll order again soon! <3
As I promised, I'm going to write something about me. Just to get started :)

 So to begin with.

I come from Poland in Europe.
I have many interests, but what I like the most is music and japanese street fashion.


Lolita style and fairy-kei are my favorite! 
I try to wear lolita, but it's a fashion, where you really have to have a good taste.
Everything has to match and even a little mistake can ruin the whole coord.
I'm still not very experienced so I'm making lots of mistakes, but I try my best ^^
Maybe in some time I'll post here some of my coords, but not yet ;)
My favourite Lolita brands are:

Angelic Pretty
Moi meme Moitie
Baby the Stars Shine Bright


Mostly I listen to hard music, metal and rock genres.
I love japanese rock!
Most of bands have a really unique music style, very different from european or US bands.
My beloved band is D'espairsRay. unfortunately they disbanded last year :(
Well, my favourite japanese bands are also: Dir en Grey, Sadie, The Underneath, Eat You Alive.
Solists: Gackt, Ryuichi Kawamura.
Not JP bands: Marylin Manson, H.I.M., Korn, Godsmack, Three Days Grace.
I couldn't stand life without music!
I love to participate in live shows. It's like "katharsis", really ;)
If you're interested you can check out my last.fm:


I love nature and travelling. 
I often read polish edition of National Geographic and Traveler.
I hope, that in the future I'll be able to visit many countries, which are worth to be seen.I suppose all are, because every place in the world has it's beautiful parts.

I also like M&A(manga and anime). I don't call myself an "otaku".
That's because I don't feel like it's something I coudn't live without and I don't watch every anime, which can be found.
I think I haven't seen even 1/4 of it. 
My favourite anime are: Ergo Proxy, No.6, Seirei no Moribito, D.Gray Man, Sengoku Basara...
My fav mangas are: Dogs: Bullets and Carnage, D.Gray Man, Wolf's Rain, Blood +.

I don't really like TV and films, but I love films with Johnny Depp!
He's an awesome actor!
Tim Burton is my favourite film director.

Instead of films I prefer to read books ^^
J.R.R. Tolkien, Anne Rice, Haruki Murakami, G. Masterton- they are the best authors in my opinion.
I also like ancient literature and some authors from middle age, f.ex. Dante Alighieri.

Well, enough writing for today!
Have a nice day ;*

I wrote NOTHING since I started my livejournal.
I'm not very talkative you see ;)
But I've decided to be a bit more active here. maybe I have too much time too waste ;)

I hope, that I can make this journal interesting to some of you.
At least I'll try!

Usually I'll write in english, but sometimes I'll post in Polish, which is my native language,  too.
In next entry I'll start from writing something about myself (not interesting at all^^).

Stay tuned and have a nice week, bye bye ;*